Online Therapy

Individual therapy provides an integrated approach of many types of therapies, whilst being in a present state of mind session by session. As the client, the time we have will be entirely yours as I assist and guide you.


How does online therapy work?

Telephone & Zoom appointments work in the same way as most counselling agreements. Weekly or fortnightly sessions work well and we would discuss this on our assessment call.

One can expect the same level of confidentiality online as in person and it can remove the barrier to fitting in a counselling session around a busy life. It also offers the opportunity to find the best therapist for you specialising in particular areas of expertise.


What will I need?

A telephone, mobile or landline.

A laptop or PC.

Once sessions are agreed I will send you a Zoom link which opens up easily in a web browser or the Zoom App.

Session Fees

60 minute session for adults: £100

50 minute session for child or adolescent under 16 years of age: £80

I am registered with the following insurance providers: Vitality, AXA, Aviva, WPA & Cigna Healthcare. Please contact them in the first instance and ask for their procedure to work with me.

60 minute session through insurance cover: £120 due to necessary paperwork. CONTACT