I offer psychological services across the world including therapy, autism assessments and consultation to private and public organisations. I specialise in life’s existential challenges – complex trauma, PTSD, chronic health conditions and traumatic grief – both online and in-person in Hereford.

You are human and it is natural to experience strong feelings.

Life happens to us and we often feel lost knowing how to move forward with the challenges we experience.

I have spent 15 years studying the complexity of being human – body, mind and soul.

I truly believe that we have an adaptive system that knows how to heal given a supportive space. And it is possible to heal from old wounds and become the best version of ourselves in any given moment.

It is my passion to support and educate others that there is always hope and a future you can believe in.

We are all unique. But when we understand certain principles of how the mind and body processes emotions, we can learn how to best manage life’s challenges.

If you feel ready for support – for yourself, for a loved one, or for those you care about – please contact me below and we can discuss a way forward.

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Sue Egan Psychology. help with trauma, stress and anxiety to chronic health conditions and suicide or traumatic grief