About Dr Sue

There are no such things as mistakes in life, just lessons to learn

Following the completion of my psychology degree during my children’s early years, I pursued further education, obtaining a counselling degree and play therapy qualification. Subsequently, I achieved a doctoral level qualification in counselling psychology.

Over the past decade, I have dedicated my career to working with families, individuals, and larger care systems in conjunction with maintaining a private practice.

My expertise lies in dealing with complex trauma, providing support for individuals coping with PTSD, traumatic grief, chronic pain, long-term health conditions, and intricate psychological presentations.

My particular focus centers on addressing existential loss and guiding individuals through adjustments necessitated by adverse life conditions.

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Sue Egan

Based on my personal journey and the stories of those I’ve had the privilege to witness, I firmly believe in the possibility of recovering from traumatic experiences and adapting to challenging life circumstances. Having faced adversity during my own childhood and enduring traumatic losses in adulthood, I embarked on a path of self-discovery through counselling and a blend of scientific, natural, and spiritual practices. These approaches have not only facilitated the healing of past wounds but also empowered me to confront my fears and evolve into the best version of myself. Moreover, navigating difficult living conditions compelled me to incorporate beneficial practices like meditation and grounding, which proved instrumental in my well-being.

As part of my journey, I campaigned for mental health awareness by running the London marathon in 2018 and continue to be passionate about educating society and raising awareness of mental health issues and challenging taboos.

Currently, I engage as a public speaker, addressing topics related to parenting teenagers, recovering from trauma, and navigating the aftermath of traumatic loss. My exploration into the intricate aspects of bereavement, particularly in the context of suicide, began after the loss of my brother in 2015. Through extensive involvement in supporting individuals affected by traumatic events, I’ve come to recognise the need for a deep comprehension of the profound life shifts that follow such experiences and the challenging path toward acceptance.

I am also deeply passionate about assisting individuals who suspect they may be on the Autism spectrum. Having three of my own children identifying as Autistic, I comprehend the intricacies of the diagnostic journey and the unique challenges and strengths that come with living with Autism. For more details on my adult autism assessment process, please refer to the Autism Assessment page.

Working within sound clinical practice, I hold membership with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and British Psychological Society (BPS).

A single mother to 4 young adults, with 4 dogs, countless chickens and only a few grey hairs – I know the importance of looking after ourselves inside and out. I have a passion for the outdoors and love touring on my motorbike, yoga, meditation, sound healing, wild water swimming and live music.